Warm Heart of an Animal Care Taker

So many people want to take care of pets when in fact, animals are were just prey of humans in the past. But now, we can see that they humans really care of them like they are are the members of the family. When a man has a ranch and he is taking care of the horses, he really comes to feed them, take care of them by leading them to good grazing land and also when they are wounded, he makes sure that he heals them with the medicine that he brings.

A shepherd is an example of a loving care taker of an animal. Actually, sheep can not survive without their shepherd. If they only hear the voice of their shepherd, they feel comforted. It is because they know that their shepherd does not leave them when things go wrong. When they sheep cast down, they need their shepherd to bring them up. They do not know also if they are being attacked by a wolf so they do not know where they have to run when wolf comes.

Many also takes care of pets in this time and there are so many things to do when taking care of them like dogs and cats because you have to bathe them, feed them when they are sick and also to play with them because they need them. With a warm and loving heart, animal care takers must invest their effort and sacrifice for them. This is how the can be treated as animals.